• Unisex sized
  • Super sweet polyester/satin lining
  • Medium fill means year-round wear
  • Rib-knit banding at collar, cuffs and hem
  • Utility pocket on sleeve
  • And that premium YKK zipper


Have you ever wanted to be stopped on the street by total randoms and asked “OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT IT’S SO SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK...??” Well, wait no longer friends: the Hanzo Bomber is here! Now, you might wonder “what exactly am I supposed to bomb in this incredibly stylish jacket???” Glad you asked, because you should be careful where this is worn. If you roll into Starbucks, take care the baristas aren’t spilling piping hot beverages on unauthorized “service animals” while they’re distracted by your choice threads. Don’t wear it to the skate park...you’re could maim a small child (who should be wearing a helmet, btw...) while their parents are staring dumbfounded at your impeccable top. And you might want to take it off at the shop...we aren’t even going to discuss how many shear or clipper accidents are just waiting to happen when you saunter in draped in this black wonder. You get the picture...this thing is dangerous, but we trust you. Order two today.


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