• Premium handpicked Antarctic cotton
  • 6 panel unstructured crown
  • Pre-curved visor...included for free!
  • Only the highest quality cotton backstraps
  • And that sweet brass clasp


Alright, first things first…you can’t really get cotton from Antarctica. Turns out that penguins love to eat cottonseed and they’re actually terrible employees. Plus, leopard seals are kinda rude and like to eat the penguins--and we can’t exactly have our employees getting eaten. It’s bad for business and the insurance premiums get a little expensive. That being said, wherever we DO get the cotton from…we guarantee that no penguins were harmed. Anyways, about the hats. Ever have one of those messy “lived in hair” days? Toss on one of these sweet Hanzo dad hats and reclaim your day! Get all that hair out of your face and back under control by poppin’ it out the back. Boom: instant focus. Plus, there’s always that one bald guy who looks good in a hat. We know because we have one at Hanzo and we put one on him. Guess what? Still looks great. And if you want—get one for Dad too. Do you remember what you got him last year for Father’s Day? That’s right: nothing. So grab him one, too—and fix that family faux pas today, homie


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