• Featured in 4” and 5” sizes
  • Cut from the finest vinyl forests of Italy
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stickers will not fade…like your stepdad’s insult game


We could have called this thing any number of 100 different names. But we’re going to go with conventional wisdom on this one and just call it the Hanzo Sticker. Printed on vinyl, these stickers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Stick the big one on your car and put the small one on the mirror at your station. Or get crazy and put the BIG one on your mirror at the station. You know what we mean. Because these are cut from vinyl, these stickers will not fade. A lot of things DO fade…like that one girlfriend at 1:45 AM who’s had too much Veuve. Or your buddy’s confidence when he’s been shot down for the 7th time tonight. One thing that won’t fade? These stickers…


Whether it's the cover of Vogue, New York Fashion week, or Back Stage on Broadway you will find our shears going to work, making the world we live in a more beautiful place.

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