Collin Martin-Sark

Collin's Upcoming Events

Event Name Date City State Price  
Advanced Haircutting 4/22/2019 Harrisonburg VA $25 more
Ladies and Gentleman Collin Martin! 4/29/2019 Long Beach NY $25 more
Perfecting long layers 4/29/2019 Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY $30 more
Modern Cutting Trends 4/29/2019 St James NY $25 more
Haircutting 101 5/1/2019 Ashland OR $0 more
Advanced Haircutting 5/6/2019 Parkersburg WV $25 more
Leaving the basics of cutting with Collin 5/20/2019 Ofallon MO $25 more
Outside the box barbering with Collin 5/20/2019 Columbia MO $25 more
The long and short of it 5/21/2019 Sain Louis MO $25 more
Tips, Tricks, and Tool Selection with @collinmartin_hair & @lechestyles 6/9/2019 Plainview NY $25 more
Modern Cutting Trends 6/10/2019 Sewell NJ $25 more
Modern Cutting Trends 6/10/2019 Columbus NJ $25 more
Perfecting Pixies with @collinmartin_hair 6/10/2019 Maple Shade NJ $25 more
The long short of it...Efficient, Effective, dry cutting for long layers 6/23/2019 Oak grove MO $25 more
The best in men’s grooming techniques, texture and tools 6/24/2019 Sedalia MO $25 more
Live In texture-the world of dry cutting 6/25/2019 St. Joseph MO $25 more
Haircutting 101 7/29/2019 Wichita KS $0 more
Slaying Some Hair with Collin Martin 8/19/2019 Burlington VT $20 more
Pixies from the Mind of a Madman! 8/26/2019 Chattanooga TN $25 more
Barbering Techniques 9/19/2019 Richland WA $25 more

" @collinmartin_hair "

Collin Martin-Sark

An insatiable new figure in the world of platform artistry, Collin Martin-Sark has been creating multi-functional cuts with a keen eye while employing unconventional 3D sculpting for the past seven years. His peculiar approach to hair has, in the words of a colleague, "brought the avant-garde to the people."

Crediting his strong artistic background and over a decade of working with his hands, Collin has built, and demonstrates, a new philosophy concerning the inner workings of the haircut. From small classrooms to auditoriums, stylists, industry personnel, and enthusiasts have heard Collin's voice trembling with visceral excitement as he openly dissects his approach to the structure of hair styles—his "construction process"—and the tools he uses to create finery for his exclusive clientele.

Collin graduated from Masters of Cosmetology, a Pivot Point Member School, in 2007. Upon obtaining his Master Educator's License three years ago, he began doggedly chasing a new yet functional approach to hair manageability, from shampooing to finalized style. Depending on products such as Davines, Davines for Wizards, and Hattori Hanzo shears, Collin continues to reinvent himself and his art across the continental United States.

Whether it's the cover of Vogue, New York Fashion week, or Back Stage on Broadway you will find our shears going to work, making the world we live in a more beautiful place.

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