Jason Bonner

Jason's Upcoming Events

Event Name Date City State Price  
Dry Don't Lie (Women's Cutting) 4/28/2019 Zachary LA $25 more
Women's Dry Cutting Class 4/28/2019 Denham Springs LA $25 more
From Blades To Fades. (Men's Cutting) 4/29/2019 Baton Rouge LA $25 more
Men's Barbering Class 4/29/2019 Baton Rouge LA $25 more
Womens dry cutting 4/29/2019 Baton Rouge LA $25 more
Dry Hair Cutting with Natural Texture | In the 4th Dimension 5/20/2019 Glendale AZ $25 more
Dry Cutting in the Fourth Dimension 5/20/2019 Phoenix AZ $25 more
Shear Theory and Advanced Cutting 5/21/2019 Phoenix AZ $25 more
Cutting In The 4th Dimension 6/9/2019 Eugene OR $25 more
Cutting In The Fourth Dimension 6/11/2019 Salem OR $25 more
Barbering with @handsomejackthebarber 8/4/2019 Chesapeake VA $25 more
Barbering and proper tool selection with @handsomejackthebarber 8/5/2019 Kill Devil Hills NC $25 more


Jason Bonner

Jason Bonner is a world class Barber and Educator based in St. Augustine, FL. He is the owner and lead artist for his brand, "Handsome Jack the Barber," and though he is a Barber by trade, he is regarded as an expert in both cut and color trends for both males and females respectively. He currently carries a broad clientele at his shop in Florida where he develops concepts in cut and color as a direct industry influencer and educator that are designed specifically to be accomplished only through the use of Hattori Hanzo Shears. As a former national educator for a beauty brand that focused on modern individualized texture of all genders and nationalities, Jason shares his extensive knowledge on meeting specific individual goals for each client by challenging the traditional "rules" and logic of mass produced, over generalized looks. His goal is to engage his peers in thought provoking, technical yet entertaining discussions that are relevant for all beauty professionals regardless of experience or expertise with the realization that, artistry is best expressed through the understanding and eemployment of formal foundations, because "we can't break the rules, if we don't even know what they are!

Whether it's the cover of Vogue, New York Fashion week, or Back Stage on Broadway you will find our shears going to work, making the world we live in a more beautiful place.

3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-446
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


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