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Meg Harpe

Meg Harpe, While following the footsteps of her Aunt and Grandmother as been a moving part of the hair industry for 7 years. For the past 3 years she has set her eyes on the domination of the Men’s hair world. She has spent time behind the scene on published sets working along side some of the industries most profound names. Her passion for music and hair dressing have collided allowing her to work for musicians signed with labels such as ROC nation, First Round Records and Fearless Records.

After Graduating from The Aveda Institute Columbus in 2012, she quickly realized that a learning environment is where she thrives most. While working behind the chair at one of Columbus’ top alternative salons, Less then a year old in the industry she accepted an educator possition at her alma mater. Excelling in advanced hair cutting classes and the Men’s cutting curriculum. She went on to train with the AVEDA mens nation cutting team, training along side industry leaders Kurt kueffner of American Crew and Aveda Global Artistic director Ricardo Dinis.

Further more, this year owning and operating Old West Hair Co. Meg is now taking her art of passion, the art of leadership, and Mens hair cutting to the front of the classroom with Hattori Hanzo Shears. While still spending intimate time with her clients behind to chair at her new shop to keep a fresh, relevant and innovative approach to taking day to day hair cutting to the next level. Her experiences behind the scenes, in the classroom, and in the salon will give you an exciting and passionate, fresh view, on how to approach each head of hair you come across, confidently!

Whether it's the cover of Vogue, New York Fashion week, or Back Stage on Broadway you will find our shears going to work, making the world we live in a more beautiful place.

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