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Nick Castellanos

"Slick" Nick Castellanos, a men's hair image consultant with 12 years experience, came from the fast-paced barbering lifestyle of Miami, Fla., and now resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He's most recognized for his artistry with hair, as well as his high-profile clientele of professional athletes, most notably Lebron James. This led to working with big-time production companies like Nike, Adidas, GQ, Audemars Piguet, Kia, Samsung, T-Mobile, Jordan Brand, Gatorade, and more. Nick is also a multi-award winner in many prestigious barbering competitions.

Always looking for expansion of demographic in clientele, there's not one men's hairstyle he won't accomplish with a tasteful finish. "Good work gets the good word" is Slick's daily reminder to love and respect his craft because it all starts with the client sitting in his chair every single time.

Whether it's the cover of Vogue, New York Fashion week, or Back Stage on Broadway you will find our shears going to work, making the world we live in a more beautiful place.

3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-446
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


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