Thomas Navarro

Thomas 's Upcoming Events

Event Name Date City State Price  
Men's Fades & Grooming 7/8/2019 Clovis CA $25 more
Haircutting 101 10/21/2019 Wichita KS $0 more

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Thomas Navarro

Thomas "Leche" Navarro is the owner of 'Downtown Leche', located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Leche provides an exclusive service and a #Milkyfade experience worth telling others. Leche is also a board member of a non-profit organization called 'The Humble Project of Long Beach'. Working with The Humble Project, Leche has been able to provide food, clothes, haircuts and styles to the less fortunate all around the world, including counties like Mexico and Brazil. Leche's passion to help and bring hope to others is noticeable as he strives to bring out the best out of everyone.

Whether it's the cover of Vogue, New York Fashion week, or Back Stage on Broadway you will find our shears going to work, making the world we live in a more beautiful place.

3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-446
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


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