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Tucker Cinalli

Hi, my name is Tucker Cinalli aka TuckerJStyle, and I am a hairsexual.

I’m a 25 year old loud, Italian boy from Marlton NJ, who has worked in the salon industry for just under 10 years; starting at the age of 15 in salon coordination and management.

At age 18, after a rocky senior year of high school, I submerged myself into the art of cosmetology and never looked back. From my vast industry experience in management, session work, content creation, and everything in between, I feel that I bring a well rounded view of the salon industry to my classroom.

When people ask me my favorite element of doing hair, I always reply with “CHANGE!” I like to say I specialize in transformation, it fuels my fire!

As an educator and platform artist, I aspire to excite, inspire, and empower every person I have the chance to connect with. Educating salons across the country in the art of extensions has ignited a passion within me I never knew existed. I am very excited to bring that passion to the hanzo team and share with you the simple yet efficient techniques that have helped me reach my goals—like features in Behind The Chair, Modern Salon, American Salon, and Process Magazine; and being invited to participate in season 2 of The Look All Stars as one of the leading hair experts.

To me, Education is Dedication—I will never stop learning and I will never be okay with just being OKAY. I’m excited to share my passion and love for this industry through the art of hair cutting, and hope to see you in my class very soon!

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